I'm a dedicated vegetarian, an Aussie, and a huge fan of the musical Les Miserables. The best live concerts i've been to: Lyle Lovett, Keith Urban, and Michael Franti. My favorite books: "Open" by Andre Agassi, and "Imagine: How Creativity Works", by Jonah Lehrer. My favorite holiday destination EVER: The Great Barrier Reef.

I am most proud of my decision to marry my awesome husband Datta Groover. Datta is an inspirational speaker, speaker trainer, and author in his own right, and one hell of a bass player. We created the Authentic Speaker Academy to help people make a bigger impact and massively increase their income by delivering life-changing presentations.

We live in Fort Collins, Colorado. With over 300 days of sunshine every year, happy people, and gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains - we love it here. In our spare time we love reading, watching movies, going for walks, and snuggling.

We hope to meet you in Colorado or in one of our many cities we visit each year.

Conscious Feminine Leadership - It is more important now than ever.

Helping women (and a few great men) increase their magnetic presence, awaken their impact, build a career they love, while never forgetting what matters most.

If you love personal development, making a difference, conscious entrepreneurship, feminine spirituality, living your purpose, and being a light for this world, you are in the right place.

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Rachael Jayne offers a range of coaching programs. We want to find the right one for you given what you want to create and the challenges you are facing. Rachael Jayne is a master in public speaking, feminine leadership, business strategy, leadership presence, powerful delivery of a message, spiritual development, becoming a best-selling author, Shadow Work, and facilitation of transformational retreats and events. What do you want to become a master of?

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I've always had a passion for leadership, cultivating it in myself, and in others who want to make a positive difference and are willing to do the inner and outer work required to make their vision a reality.

I now have the privilege of traveling the world teaching men and women how to increase their personal presence, individual magnetism, and their leadership ability so they can be seen, inspire change, and create wealth…in all ways.

As creator of Art of Feminine Presence™ classes and trainings that are offered worldwide, I am thrilled with how fast this work is expanding. We currently have licensed teachers in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal, Belgium, Cyprus, Slovenia, Japan, Singapore, Egypt, Singapore, and Barbados….with more to come!

We heard the cry from men who wanted to learn these powerful practices on presence, communication, and leadership, and we happily obliged. At the fundamental level of all our programs is a core purpose — to accelerate spiritual awareness and raise global consciousness. Most of the people we work with have been on a personal and spiritual development path for quite some time, and I feel blessed to work with some of the most conscious, grounded, and loving people on the planet.

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Everyone takes in information differently. What is most enjoyable and effective for you?

We have created transformational live events, deep-dive mentoring programs, and here in our Awaken Your Impact Store is a range of products and programs you can participate in at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

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Rachael Jayne entertains as well as educates with her keynotes and breakouts focusing on Feminine Leadership, Leadership Presence and Awakening Your Impact. Let’s talk about possibilities.



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